The Cajamarca coffee crops are mostly certified Organic. As a fertilizer, they use compost and Guano de Isla, bird guano that has been taken from another Island.

Cultivars are empowering small farm owners in Peru, and the purpose is to support them by building sustainable and profitable coffee farms to broaden the Peruvians’ offers. The farmer’s payments are satisfying, and the quality is always high.

Most farmers are members of the Cenfro cooperative, which counts around 2400 coffee farmers.

Red Grape Blackberry Region Processes Producer Technical Characteristics Varieties Altitude Producer Cupping notes Cajamarca Washed Typica, Caturra 1800 masl Cenfrocafe co-operative Vanilla Organic, Fairtrade

In 2013 rust, a disease affecting the coffee trees, was killing the trees in all the Peruvian areas except Cajamarca, where the rust did not affect them.