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What we do ?

Importing Raw Coffee

We select only the finest raw Coffee Beans in the World, and then we import them into our high-tech Roastery.

Directly from Coffee Farms

We support their communities and their families as we trade with Fair Trade cooperatives.

Roasting Coffee Beans

We are Master Coffee Roasters and Member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

We Evaluate and Then Realease for Sale

Following the highest Coffee Quality Control Standards as all of our coffees have minimum cupping score 86+

Packaging and Distribute

We are packaging and distribute our roasted Coffee in order to make sure that quality will reach our customers

Specially Designed Kraft Coffee Bags

Equipped with degassing one way valve will ensure that the ground or whole Coffee bean will remain fresh in this paper re-closed bag

Technical Support

We are computer and Tech Geeks able not only to resolve your technical problem but to prevent it from happening.

Inhouse technical experts

We are there 24/7 and 365 days a year when you need us the most. The operation of your business is our concern too, and for this reason, you can rely upon our fast and efficient support.

Coffee Origins define the coffee's taste, aroma, and quality. Depending on the soil, elevation, breeze, and climate, it will create that unique, delicious aftertaste, but a coffee origin is more than a coffee. It's all about respect, friendship, and fair trade collaborations. It's a relationship that lasts forever. Coffee Origins See our coffee origins

Are you in the coffee business? We can help

We all love espresso. It’s fast and strong that will wake us up in the morning so we can conquer the day in this hectic life.

But what about after lunchtime when you have the time to enjoy a more smooth and no bitterness coffee that could resemble a fine cognac?

Chemex will bring out the best self in your coffee, a ritual that will energize your mind and spirit.


You can purchase any of our Coffees and Accessories and delivered them to you anywhere in Cyprus or any other place in the World.


We want you to know who we are and what we can do about you, your business, and the coffee industry.

Coffee these days is not science fiction; where ever you look, there is coffee. On the other hand, the choice of coffee brands is also plenty. You can get anything you like, from dark roasted to light, no problem.

But did you read between the lines? Do you want to become one of those many coffee stations? Or do you want to outstand from the rest of the competition?

Let’s not forget that in this story, you are the Hero, and we are the guide to help you reach your destination, which is no other than happiness and success.

The most important thing is that we will be in every step of the process by you in good and bad times.

With our knowledge and experiences, we will try to move all the chances of success as closely as possible and make you a part of a café, restaurant, or hotel where people will be talking about.

Our story is long in the coffee industry, but we are sure that you are not here because of us but because of you.

Coffee beans are a commodity that is a part of the agriculture chain; this means that a coffee seed is planted, and that seed needs to grow with care by the farmers in some cases hostile areas. Hostile areas can be geographical locations wholly isolated off the grid or by a criminal zone, or even both.

The story behind the owners makes even the coffee more interesting; in most cases, they always have something touching to say.
In our journeys over the years, we discovered that what makes coffee so delicious, regardless of its quality, is the people you share with it. It is when people exchange their opinion about a subject, argue about their political beliefs or religion, and express their sadness or happiness about an unpleasant event.

Coffee is beyond a product; it is a culture rooted deep in humans’ DNA; in our opinion, it is the spirit and blessing of those in the coffee chain who make this delicious beverage available to the 65% of the World population that frequently enjoys coffee.

The bottom line is when you stop thinking of coffee as a profit, it is only then that success will kick in, and only then will you be able to be part of the beautiful coffee chain.