We buy from the best origins in the World , choose below to learn why we import our raw coffee beans from these places.


South America

Central America

Coffee is more than just your favorite beverage.

With every cup of coffee you drink, you help our farmers feed their families and continue producing exceptional coffee.

We work at eye level, ensuring that every cent goes to their living and education, but also vital to be treated fairly for their hard work.

Direct Trade with our farmers is what we do. The relationship we have gained all these years reflects in the cup. Care, love, and passion for what you do are like a mirror as what you give is what you get.

The rush of hunting new coffees

Ninety-eight percent of the coffees are already known and served all over the World. Something that excites us is that one to two percent is still waiting to be found. Precisely what we are looking for those rare and hard-to-find, delicious coffees, which we fail to see most of the time, but there are times that we succeed and that uncertaintly is what makes us thrilled for coffee hunting.

The most rewarding part of our journeys is the people we meet and their cultures, the friendship we built , the landscapes, and the memories we store in our minds that will follow us for the rest of our lives. An experience that we put in every coffee bean that we roast for everyone to enjoy.