Tesfaye Bekele’s farm is the inspiration for all coffee farms in Ethiopia, and where he put the Guji area on the global map of Organic cultivation.

Bushfires were the main destructive mean that brought numerous and loss of 5000 forest acres, from 1997 to1999.

Ato Tesfaye Bekele was the one who rebuilt the whole area and found new ways into agriculture by replanting the forest and adding coffee trees that eventually became a World class coffee farm.

Tesfaye’s farm took coffee farming to the next step by certifying the farm as Organic, where no pesticides or other chemicals were used for the production of coffee, a step above the already high quality.

Lemon Peach Region Processes Certifications Technical Characteristics Varieties Altitude Producer Cupping notes Guji Washed, Natural, Pulped Natural Kurume, Welicho 1800 - 2200 masl Tesfaye Bekele Floral Organic, Rainforest Alliance

Coffee was not drawing Tesfaye Bekele’s attention, although he comes from a coffee farming family.The labor was hard and the days too long, but after some years, the calling brought him back to becoming a legend in Ethiopian coffee farming.