El Salvador coffees have been famous for the honey processed coffees, which give a strong body and a sweet aftertaste, making a premium coffee.

Familia Diaz is not just any coffee farm. It’s a farm that produces the Pacamara variety other called the “elephant bean.” Its variety is triple the size of the average size of standard coffee beans.

Jose Efrain is a farmer with over 30 years of experience, so he knows about agriculture, and this is one of the reasons his coffee scores a near 90 in specialty coffee grading.

Honey Nutty Region Processes Technical Characteristics Varieties Altitude Producer Cupping notes La Palma Fully Washed – Honey and Natural Pacas, Pacamara 1700 masl Jose Efrain Mandarine

The La Palma coffee farm is a land of 15 hectares entire utilizing it for coffee growing, each family member has its land, but the work has been done by sharing the same workers