Coffee blessed by the Incas and treasured by the Galeras Volcano enriches the soil at the highest point a coffee tree can grow. The Cattura variety thrives because the perfect conditions create a full-body coffee.

The Narino area is the land of some of the best coffees in the World. All the weather conditions, from rain to temperature, and the breeze from the north, creates the perfect storm for a fantastic coffee.

Unfortunately, drug lords and human trafficking create a fragile line between life and death in these lands.

Tangerine Pecan Region Processes Technical Characteristics Varieties Altitude Producer Cupping notes Narino Washed Caturra 1800 - 2250 masl Inga Aponte Chocolate

The Galeras Volcano is one of the most active ones. The ashes land on the Inga Aponte farm, giving the coffee that extra touch that boosts it to the high score category.