History of the Coffee in Cerrado Mineiro

The region suffered long problems with cultivation of any crop let alone coffee in the early parts of the 1900s. Not until 1960 did the country start to figure out plans to re-irrigate the land helping to finally produce crops. Now it holds nearly 70% of the countries cattle and beef exports and coffee has become of the most important export in the entire country. A long process of scientist and agriculturalist helped stimulate a seemingly over acidic soil to create a coffee that holds the same qualities but taste amazing. One of the best aspects of the region is that all of the coffee that is exported has a way of being traced back to its origin. This is ensure through a Seal of Origin and Quality, which is used to help consumers know more about the farmers and their growing techniques. As well as needed information about the company and how to brew the actual bean to get the highest quality in flavor.

The Cerrado Mineiro region is rich in history and has a strong on the Brazil coffee culture. They offer some of best coffee beans in the world and it is grown naturally in their own fields. Rich Coffee Roasters will always provide high quality coffee to their customers and anything coming from this region stays in line with the companies goals.

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Production in Cerrado Mineiro

Producing such amazing coffee takes time and precise growers who dedicate themselves to the task. The Brazilian region relies on 4,500 producers who cultivate the natural blended crop in altitudes of 800-1300 meters. The weather in the region plays a significant role in the body style of the coffee beans. Brazil’s hot and humid summers mix with the mild and dry winters to create a coffee bean that is rough and rugged. The climate qualities a massive role in the health of the bean in the region. Brazil coffee producers must be a part of Cerrado Mineiro Coffee Federation in order to cultivate crops in the region. The Federation regulates the region and allows producers protection when dealing with foreign markets.

Taste of Coffee

The taste of the coffee beans from the Cerrado Mineiro region is one that coffee drinkers enjoy. The Rich Coffee Roasters offers some of the highest quality of coffee and this Brazilian blend falls in that category completely. The characteristics of the bean once brewed include an intense aroma that favors caramel and nuts. It is filled with gentle citrus acidity the complements the moderate to full body flow that is generated. Usually sweetened with a chocolate appearance coupled with a long term finish makes the taste memorable. The region is famous for the “in your face” coffee bean that wakes you up and pushes you through your day.