History is Rich in the Region

Ethiopia is known to be one of the poorest countries in the world but they actually have a striving coffee culture. The beautiful scenery allows for some of world’s favorite coffee. The African soil is some of the richest on the planet and can yield many crops. The coffee region is ran by private farms owned by Tesfaye Bekele. Surrounded by different landscapes the farm grows the coffee in altitudes of 1830-1950 meters or 6000 square feet. With such variety in natural habitat the coffee beans in this area are actually shade grown underneath canopy of the forest. These natural growing conditions make for a cerebral approach to growing and cultivating this crop. The coffee is distinct to the region. The taste after its brew has its own African flavor and aroma to it.

Rich Coffee Roasters work to provide one of a kind coffee that brews and energizes you day. The African coffee found in Ethiopia is fully washed and slowly dried in the sun. Once the beans are done washing they are then elevated on beds to speed the drying process and absorb the suns energy. This goes on for about 9-16 days. The best harvest times are between the months of October-December. This intricate setting with a relative dry climate allows for a strong zesty tasting coffee to form. Ethiopian coffee has its own richness to it that is distinct to any other place in the worlds. Rich Coffee Roasters helps to introduce the Ethiopian coffees to the world. Allowing their customers to discover the origin of the coffee while enjoying its exotic taste.

Coffee Region booming in Ethiopia’s Sidama Suke Quto

Finding a good coffee these days can be a difficult task especially if you have a particular favorite blend. Some of the best beans come from rural areas that survive off the exports of coffee. In Ethiopia they have one of the most beautiful landscapes that allow for the growth of a rich coffee bean. The coffee can be found in the Oromia region of Ethiopia where the growers work to harvest organic coffee beans that grow in healthy volcanic soil. The results are in the history of the region and Rich Coffee Roasters share their history every day to their customers. This piece will explain the history and needs to produce such a refined coffee bean.

Flavor Matters

Whenever you are in the business of coffee flavor plays a big role. Rich Coffee Roasters aim to bring the best coffee that they can to their customers. Once brewed the Oromia region coffee beans has an intoxicating aroma that you will remember as it dances past your nose. The nutrient rich soil that the coffee is grown in gives the beans a natural accented acidity that gives off a lemony taste with zesty twist. Once it all dissolves into one mixture and it finishes with a sweet milk chocolate full body experience. Known for its tropical and even floral fruit-like aroma it stands strong on any coffee smelling test.

A coffee industry has started to thrive out of the remote Ethiopian area leading to a significant growth in exportation from the poverty stricken country. The positive reputation of growing outstanding coffee is a way to reach the other side of the world for Ethiopia. It stands as one of the most nutrient vast places on the planet and Rich Coffee Roasters have been able to give customers a taste and experience of the beautiful region in a well brewed cup.