Astounding Coffee grown in the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Region

If you are a coffee drinker you probably pay attention to the distinctness of the coffee you drink. You notice the origin and read the stories pertaining to its cultivation. If you are a coffee connoisseur you will appreciate the Ethiopian Yiragacheffe coffee region where one of the top producers reside. The Yiragacheffe Coffee region is rich with powerfully nutrient filled soil that works with the many farmers in day to day meticulous cultivation techniques. The hand harvested beans are one of the cash crops of the country and its intense flavor once brewed will energize you for hours. Ethiopia is proud of its coffee crop and has driven a major increase in the countries exportation. They are now the 7th largest export of Coffee in the world.

The Cultivation Process

Producing a major crop like coffee takes a strong agriculture team and workers who know how to handle the different conditions that may arise. The coffee is matured in 1200-1800 altitude, roughly 6000 square feet above sea level. These conditions play a major role in the health of the crop. Great coffee crops enjoy higher altitude levels during their growing process. It is a naturally, organically coffee growing region. Fully washed and sun dried on elevated beds. The region is awarded with its Fair Trade certifications allowing them to actively export naturally grown products with the respect of the coffee community. The Roasters have won Roaster of the Year and continue to produce a popular coffee bean that has put Ethiopia coffee out into the world. Rich Coffee Roasters has a top roster of remote coffee beans that they offer.

Many people do not know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The original coffee from this area is where the crop began. The scent of the coffee leaves a memorable fruity, floral aroma and gives off an intense taste as soon as it touches your lips. The perfect weather conditions for coffee production are a main reason for the vast growth. Most of the farms in the region are privately owned farms ran by locals and a few state farms that offer some regulation. Over the years the country has sought to regulate the exportation of the coffee through the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority.

The Yiragacheffe coffee is favored for its citrus flavor that resembles the bitter taste of lime juice. It has a strong connection with the taster, it is thick and dances on your palate as you enjoy. One unique process of the Yiragacheffe coffee bean specifically is the fact that it undergoes a 72 hour fermenting process to pull all of the pulp and fruit out of the bean. This allows it to only hold the natural enzymes that allow the blend to taste in its full potential. The taste is known for its warm punch giving it a distinctive introduction. The taste of a good coffee makes the Rich Coffee Roasters job that much easier. The history of this bean will be appreciated by coffee lovers and its matchless qualities that make for a wonderful exchange.

The strength of this Ethiopian region is that the coffee is exclusively found there. There is wild coffee grown naturally all over the country. The most of the cultivation is done in this in the Oromia region the other regions provide their own flavor the already strong Ethiopian Coffee reputation. One of the most popular coffee blends in the world and Rich Coffee Roasters brings it to you.